The Process

A Behind-the-Scenes Look

At Vantage Point, we turn online sales into immersive experiences. Step behind the lens as we unveil the intricate process of capturing 360° photography—highlighting the artistry and technology that bring your product images to life.

Vision + Consultation

It all begins with understanding your vision. We start with a collaborative consultation to delve into your project's unique aspects. We discuss goals, key features, and the story you want your visuals to tell.

Specialized Equipment

Armed with industry-leading 360° cameras, our skilled photographers embark on capturing the essence of your product or space. These cutting-edge devices ensure each detail is captured from all angles, delivering a panoramic canvas that invites exploration.

Strategic Setup

Precision matters. Our photographers strategically position the cameras to ensure comprehensive coverage. Careful consideration is given to angles, lighting, and the spatial dynamics of the environment, guaranteeing an authentic representation.

the Scene

Beautifully, the cameras work in unison, simultaneously capturing a series of images. Every nook and cranny is meticulously documented, ensuring the final 360° photograph encapsulates the subject's true essence.

Post-Production Expertise

Next, we enter the post-production portion of the process. We weave the individual frames into a seamless, high-quality panorama using advanced stitching techniques. Attention to detail is our specialty as we ensure a smooth transition between each image, preserving the authenticity of your final product.


Interactive Showcase

The result? An interactive masterpiece that puts the viewer in control. With the ability to pan, tilt, and explore every corner, your audience engages in a way that transcends traditional photography. The final deliverable goes far beyond an image. It’s an experience.


The Portfolio

Take some time to browse through a gallery of our exceptional work.

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