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4K Drone Photography

Drone photography is a captivating and innovative technique that involves capturing images or videos using unmanned aerial vehicles. These compact and agile devices are equipped with high-resolution cameras, capturing stunning aerial perspectives that were once challenging or impossible to achieve.

The ability to navigate and hover at varying altitudes allows our drone pilot to explore creative angles and compositions, offering a fresh and often breathtaking viewpoint that transcends traditional photography limitations.


Data Collection

We offer 4K drone coverage for any data-gathering purpose. Video drones have become an essential professional tool across many industries because they make jobs easier. Take the work out of data gathering and hand it over to our FAA-licensed pilot. We will get the view from above and put it at your fingertips to do what you need.


Drones with sensors and cameras can monitor crop health, assess field conditions, and optimize irrigation and pesticide use. This data helps farmers make informed decisions to improve crop yield and reduce resource use.

Infrastructure Inspections

Drones inspect bridges, power lines, pipelines, railroads, and other critical infrastructure. They can quickly and safely assess structures for damage, reducing the need for manual inspections in hazardous environments.


Drones are used for surveying and mapping construction sites, monitoring progress, and inspecting structures. They can quickly and safely access areas that might be difficult for humans, providing valuable insights and improving overall project management.


Drones are used to assess and document damage in insurance claims. They provide a quick and accurate overview of affected areas, facilitating the claims process.

Real Estate

Drones enable real estate professionals to capture high-quality aerial footage of properties, showcasing them from unique perspectives. This is especially useful for marketing tens or hundreds of acres at a time or evaluating and surveying large estates or buildings. Sometimes a world of difference in presentation is made by shooting with the drone only 15 feet in the air.

Our Drones

Provide Solutions

We love providing our clients with high-tech, forward-looking solutions. And that’s precisely why we employ drone services to simplify projects.


Traditional surveying methods, such as human-crewed aircraft or ground-based surveys, can be expensive. Drones offer a more cost-effective solution for obtaining high-quality mapping data, making surveying projects more accessible.

Access Anywhere

Drones can reach areas that are challenging for humans to access, like steep slopes, dense forests, or hazardous terrains. This ability to survey hard-to-reach locations improves the accuracy of gathered data.

Real-Time Data

Drones can provide real-time data, allowing surveyors to monitor and adjust their approach on the fly. This is particularly valuable for dynamic environments or projects with changing conditions.

A Different

Approach to Pricing

Unlike other video production companies, our pricing levels are flat rates. No hourly rates are associated with the shooting, editing, and content-writing process. This pricing scale leaves no room for surprises at the end of the project, keeps expectations clear from the start, and instills a long-lasting and trusting relationship for projects in the future.

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One Point of Contact

Meet Brianne Voelkel

At Vantage Point, our licensed pilot and editor handles your project from start to finish. Brianne Voelkel owns the company and holds a master’s degree in marketing and analytics. She’ll help you grow your audience and engage the target market beyond your reach. Many competitors have multiple people handing off shooting, editing, and content building allowing for miscommunication, unnecessary repetition, and error. With Vantage Point, you’ll submit your initial information to Brianne, and she’ll deliver the final product.

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