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Founded by Brianne Voelkel, a master of marketing and analytics, our company is driven by a passion for bringing your narrative to life through creativity and innovation. At Vantage Point, every frame tells a story, and every story is crafted with precision and care.

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I Graduated with my Master's in Marketing and Analytics in 2016. Throughout college, I worked as a Director of Sales for a hospitality management company in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. It was my job to write contracts for companies sending employees, such as traveling doctors, nurses, construction managers, etc., to come into these cities to work at nearby hospitals or on new interstates being built at the time. I loved marketing and the hospitality industry, but I had to travel quite a bit and knew from college that my heart was always in the digital and analytical side of marketing.

 During and after grad school, I worked for a digital marketing and web design company in Louisville, Kentucky, called DBS Interactive. I was finally getting to experience the beginning of my digital marketing career and see direct client advantages due to my work, and it felt great. I got involved in video marketing, graphic design, content writing, Google Analytics, PPC campaigns, and meetings with clients to celebrate the rise of customer awareness, interaction, and number of purchases.

 In 2018, I started working for a construction supply and tool distribution company, managing the website, inventory, data, and building out an ERP system better suited to maintain and lead their expanding business across the state. Still, I was missing the fulfillment of creating impactful content. I discovered a love for drones and the wave of new tech that seemed to pop up everywhere. I jumped to get my pilot's license and started creating moving video content for various companies on the weekends in the manufacturing and real estate industries.

 In 2020, 360 product interactives became a real, immediate need to accommodate online distributors’ expectations of their vendors. Manufacturers also saw an increasing need to provide customers with better content and accessibility to compete with the big dogs. Word traveled fast in Indiana and Kentucky, and Vantage Point was born.

My favorite part of creating visual content for manufacturers is seeing them excited about showing off the products they are proud to build. There is something gratifying and moving in being a part of that bridge that connects their hard work with the rest of the world and gives them a platform from which they can shine.


Committed to Our Clients

Did a great job videoing my property prior to sale. Would definitely use them again.

Jeff Sunberg

They created some 360° images for me and they turned out amazing! They were very professional.

Karen Holt

They did a great job on our video! Great people!

Linsey Allen

Video and photography turned out great! Highly recommend!

Evan Dey


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