What are 360 Product Interactives and Spins?

Customers’ buying process is changing. Because of this, the game of digital marketing is changing. Online distributors are requiring manufacturers to provide 360 degree product spins to cut down on returns, FAQ’s, and customer confusion. Aside from just being in compliance with major online distributors, you have to stand out from competitors now more than ever. Online display and validity is everything. When your online presentation is many times the only connection you get to make, it’s important that you’re giving all you can to secure that profit opportunity.

360 product interactives, or 360 spins, are a compilation of high res photos, various buttons, and coding. Flat images around your product are stitched together to reveal a smooth, manipulative product representation. They provide customers with a similar shopping experience than the one they would have if they were holding your product in their hands. The customer gets a 360 product view they can manipulate and move around with a touch of their finger. On touch screen devices, the customer would simply swipe the product to move it around freely. On non-touch devices, the customer would simply click the embedded buttons for all angles of the product to be revealed.

What should you expect? 

It might be somewhat overwhelming and confusing when you’re trying to visualize what you’ll be receiving when you order 360 product interactives or 360 spins. Let us break it down. Your 360’s will be delivered in file folders labeled with your model numbers. It will look something like this. Model number folder names are our most common customer request, but these folders can be named whatever you like.

We can upload these to Google Drive or whatever file management software you prefer. We can also save these on a solid state USB for safe keeping, sending an online version for you to approve. 

Once you open one of your product folders, you will see something like this.

Crazy right? You’re probably looking at this mess like you don’t want to touch it. And that’s okay! You don’t have to. You can find what you’re looking for by clicking on the “iframe” or “index” file. All the other junk is the backend components that make up your flawless 360 spin. When you click on “iframe” or “index”, you’re going to see what your customers will see. 

What customer questions are answered by supplying 360 product interactives? 

Compatibility– Every angle being visible at the motion of their finger allows them the ability to view details such as shape, size, and how they fit together with other products they own or connect with other accessories you sell.

Features– 360 product interactives offer better visibility for product features and attributes. Hotspots can be added to 360 spins to highlight features, open doors to compartments, show measurements or warning labels, or even link an informational video.

Quality– 360 spins offer the chance to get up close and personal. Zoom features provide a more accurate depiction of the product quality and really let you show off.

Design– Product style and design are not always correctly communicated when consumers are viewing flat images. As humans, our brains unknowingly fill in the blanks for what we cannot see. This is the reason for many online product returns. With 360 spins, there is less much opportunity for the customer to make a purchase that is not exactly what they need.
So now that you know what 360 product interactives are, how beneficial they are, and what to expect when you receive them, it’s time to book time to chat about what we can do for you. We can work out all the details in 15 minutes.

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